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RG5500HB portable strong light inspection lamp

Time:2019/4/29 17:42:16 View: 688
Scope of application

Railway inspection work, public works patrol, vehicle maintenance, metallurgy, power plant, power grid, flood control and disaster relief and other industries inspection work, equipment maintenance and other various on-site to provide long working hours and emergency lighting.

The performance characteristics of

This product use international famous brand LED light source, has the characteristics of energy conservation and long life free maintenance, high brightness, light range up to 500 m, effective according to the distance of 300 meters, length of consecutive light about 10 hours, high brightness, light work 20 hours of continuous light, fully meet the duty for a long time, homework, the needs of the patrol, the light is there is the function of frequency flash.

The battery adopts special lithium battery pack, no memory, no pollution, high capacity, long cycle life, safe and stable performance, low self-discharge rate, can charge and discharge at any time.

The lamp is equipped with the function of real-time display of electric quantity to know the remaining electric quantity and available time of the lamp at any time.

Lamps and lanterns is light weight, can hold, the shoulders to carry a variety of ways, and has function of magnetic adsorption, carry, easy to use, lamp holder can be adjusted up and down within the range of 120 ° Angle. It can also be used as a portable table lamp.

Adopt optimized structure design and specially made imported bulletproof adhesive material to ensure that the product can withstand strong impact, good sealing performance, and can work normally in bad weather conditions such as rain and snow.