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RG7500 solid state maintenance-free flashlight

Time:2019/4/29 17:39:54 View: 571
Scope of application

Oil field, metallurgy, railway, electric industry, public security, fire fighting, military, petrochemical enterprises and other sites to provide long working hours and emergency lighting.

The performance characteristics of

This product USES the international top brand LED light source, has the energy conservation longevity characteristic, the bright brightness is high, the strong light range reaches 500 meters, the effective illumination distance 300 meters, the positive light source continuous use time may reach 10 hours above, the radiation light source continuous use time may reach 30 hours above, the brightness is extremely high. The battery adopts special lithium battery pack, no memory, no pollution, high capacity, long cycle life, safe and stable performance, low self-discharge rate, can charge and discharge at any time.

The head and tail of the lamps and lanterns are respectively equipped with white light source and warning light source, which can not only provide mobile working lighting or emergency lighting for more than 10 hours continuously for various work sites, but also send a warning to the back to eliminate the danger or hidden danger.

The switch is controlled by programming IC, the operation of which is simple and the torch is easy to carry.

Adopt optimized structure design and specially made imported bulletproof rubber material to ensure that the product can withstand strong impact, good sealing performance, and can work normally in rainstorm environment.

The optimized circuit design has the function of discharging protection, which can prevent the battery from over discharging and ensure that the circuit will not have short circuit and other faults. Intelligent charger with overcharge, short circuit protection and charging display device.