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6128 multi-function mobile lighting

Time:2019/4/29 17:41:41 View: 314
Scope of application

Railway, electric power, public security, army, ship, petrochemical and other units of various inflammable and explosive sites site operation, accident repair, abnormal situation handling, high brightness large range of night lighting and other work site to provide mobile lighting.

Performance characteristics:

Safe and reliable: the product has been certified by the national authority for explosion protection. It has excellent explosion-proof performance and can work safely and reliably in various inflammable and explosive places.

High efficiency and energy saving: the internationally renowned LED light source is selected, featuring high luminous efficiency, high color rendering, low energy consumption, long service life, no maintenance and no subsequent use cost.

Waterproof and anti-fall: the products are made of high quality special materials and can withstand strong impact.

Economic and environmental protection: high-energy memory-free lithium battery, large capacity, long life, recyclable, low self-discharge rate, economic and environmental protection; Using intelligent chip control, prevent overcharge, overdischarge and short circuit, can effectively protect the battery, prolong the battery life.

The standard USB charging interface can be used to charge mobile phones and other digital products, solving the problem that users can't use their mobile phones or other digital products when they are working outdoors.

Power detection: the power indicator function is specially designed to understand the power status of lamps at any time.

Lifting performance: the lamps and lanterns adopt four telescopic rods as the lifting adjustment mode, the unique lamp head design, the lamps and lanterns can do up and down, left and right angles to adjust, to achieve all-round lighting.

The lamps and lanterns are small in size and light in weight, which can be towed, carried and carried on the back in three ways. Rail wheels can also be installed at the bottom of the lamps for the convenience of users working on the rails.