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RG4810 remote bearing light

Time:2019/4/29 17:37:23 View: 313
Product overview

Suitable for all kinds of indoor and outdoor workplaces. China coal industry, petrochina, sinopec, cnooc, electric power, metallurgical, railway, iron and steel, ship, military, aviation and aerospace, public security, fire protection, chemical industry, government departments, venues, transportation, and mobile lighting needs of large enterprises.

The performance characteristics of

With strong signal and warning effect at a distance of not less than 4800 meters, it is suitable for railway and highway patrol inspection, operation and construction personnel, traffic police and other special operation personnel.

High-energy memory-free battery has large capacity, long life, low self-discharge rate, economic and environmental protection; LED light source energy consumption, high efficiency. Continuous working time is not less than 10 hours after a charge, which can meet the needs of on-duty work.

Small size, light weight, both can be used in the belt or other parts of the body, but also can be used in magnetic adsorption on the surface of steel objects or fixed hanging on the support.

The shell protection is designed according to IP65, which can resist the direct fire of high pressure water cannon, rainstorm spray and splash of waves.

The lamp is equipped with battery over-discharge, over-charge and short circuit protection circuit to effectively protect the battery and extend the service life.

Red, yellow and green are optional.