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RG7400ALT multifunctional magnetic strong light working lamp

Time:2019/4/29 17:38:14 View: 324
Scope of application

Mobile lighting is provided in t1-t6 zone 1, zone 2 underwater and other working places of class II C in railway, electric industry, oil field, coal, metallurgy, army, public security, petrochemical enterprises and other places prone to fire and explosion.

The performance characteristics of

Humanized power display and low voltage warning function design, can know the battery power at any time, the charger USES special charge management chip control, high reliability, fast charging, overcharge protection, short circuit protection, trickle charging, status indication.

Choose type A 1*3W and type B 2*3W high power positive white LED light source, high light efficiency, low energy consumption, life up to 100,000h, reflective cup using high-tech surface treatment technology, high reflective efficiency, uniform spot light color, the lamp irradiation distance can reach more than 500 meters.

Special high-energy lithium battery has no memory, no pollution, high capacity, long life, safe and stable performance, low self-discharge rate, one charge strong light can work for up to 8 h, working light can work for up to 16 h.

The outer surface is spray-painted with elastic banana, the shape is light and beautiful, carrying portable, magnetic-absorbing tail mode, light touch switch, easy to operate.

This product is made of ABS material, the shell can withstand collision and impact, good sealing performance, can be used in heavy rain or extreme harsh environment.