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RGC6110B omnidirectional automatic floodlight working lamp

Time:2019/5/7 10:44:56 View: 229

Scope of application


Railway, electric industry, public security, oil field, metallurgy, petrochemical enterprises and other large construction operations, accident repair, disaster relief and other sites for mobile lighting.




The performance characteristics of


The lamp panel is composed of four philips 500W efficient energy-saving lamp heads, which can be distributed to four different directions on the lamp panel according to the needs of the site. The overall lighting is both near and far, with high lighting brightness and long bulb life.


The lamp panel adopts pneumatic telescopic cylinder as the lifting adjustment mode, with the maximum lifting height of 4.5m; Rotate the lamp head up and down to adjust the beam irradiation Angle, and the light coverage radius reaches 30-50 meters.


Using electric or manual, air pump can quickly control the rise and fall of telescopic cylinder; It can be controlled within 30 meters by wireless remote control


Turn on and off lights.


The narrow place can be fixed reliably; The lamp panel, cylinder and generator set are integral structure. The bottom of the generator set is equipped with universal wheel, which can run on the bumpy road surface.


The overall use of a variety of high-quality metal materials, compact structure, stable performance, to ensure the normal operation in a variety of harsh environment and climate conditions, rain, water, wind resistance level of 8.


If the standard configuration of this product can not meet the work needs of customers, we can make adjustments in the number of lamp head, power, floodlight or spotlight type, the lifting height of telescopic cylinder and the installation of generator according to customer requirements to meet the personalized needs of customers.