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Rg-6330 LED portable working light

Time:2019/5/7 10:51:45 View: 676

I. scope of application


It is mainly used in railway cargo handling, high-speed rail skylight work, maintenance of public works lines, maintenance of machinery and power supply substation cable sandwich lighting.




Second, performance characteristics


1. Maintenance-free LED light source with high brightness, average service life of more than 100,000 hours, high efficiency and energy saving.


2. Transparent parts are made of high-strength engineering plastics with high light transmittance, strong impact resistance and aging resistance.


3. Excellent structure and sealing design, the protection grade of the lamps is up to IP65, which ensures the lamps can work reliably in all kinds of harsh environments for a long time.


4. High-energy memory-free battery, large capacity, low self-discharge rate, can meet the needs of long-term use after a full charge.


5. It is equipped with anti-overdischarge and short-circuit protection functions of the battery, so it is safe and reliable to use.


6. Beautiful appearance, small size, light weight, easy to use, can be used for table, portable, magnetic adsorption lamp lighting.


7. The shell adopts the secondary injection molding process, and the rubber covering at the bottom greatly enhances the shell's impact resistance and drop resistance.


8. USB charging interface can be used to charge mobile phones and other digital products, which can solve the problem that users can't use their mobile phones or other digital products when they are working outdoors.


9. The lamps and lanterns have the power prompt function and low power warning function, so that users can know about the remaining power of the lamps and timely charge.


10. The lamps and lanterns with 360 ° all-round design, transparent material with high light transmittance, and join the diffusion agent to make light of lamps and lanterns more homogeneous soft.




Iii. Method of use


1. Check whether the transparent parts of the lamps and lanterns are loose before use. If there is any looseness, please tighten it first to ensure the lamps and lanterns are reliable, dustproof and waterproof.


2. According to the needs of lighting on site, determine the fixation mode of lamps and lanterns. Generally, lamps and lanterns shall be used in the following ways: table placement, hand holding or suspension, magnetic absorption, etc.


3. When in use, press the switch button on the front of the lamp with your finger to turn on the energy-saving light, and then press it again to turn on the working light, and then press it again to turn off the lamp.


4. During the use of the lamp, the power indicator will always be on, and the five LED indicators will gradually go out when the full power is on. When only one LED indicator is on, the power will be used up.


5. After the use of the lamps and lanterns, wipe off the dirt on the transparent parts and lamps and lanterns with soft cotton cloth in time to keep the lamps and lanterns clean.


6. When charging mobile phone or other digital products with USB interface, connect the USB plug in place.