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RG7101 portable explosion-proof searchlight

Time:2019/5/9 18:57:45 View: 624

Scope of application


Oilfield, metallurgy, railway, electric power, public security, petrochemical enterprises and other inflammable and explosive places Ⅱ C T1 - T6 group 1, 2, underwater and mobile lighting at the scene of the other work.




The performance characteristics of


This product is designed in accordance with the requirements of gb3836.1-2000 and 3836.2-2000, with the highest explosion-proof grade of explosion-proof type. It is manufactured in accordance with the national explosion-proof standards and can work safely in various inflammable and explosive places.


Three 3W high-power positive white LED light sources are used in series, with extremely high luminous efficiency, little energy consumption, and a service life of up to 100,000 h. The reflective cup adopts high-tech surface treatment technology, with high reflective efficiency, good heat dissipation performance, effective protection of LED service life, uniform spot light color, and the luminaries can reach a distance of more than 1,500 meters.


Special lithium battery pack has no memory, no pollution, high capacity, long life, safe and stable performance, low self-discharge rate, one charge strong light can work continuously for 8h, working light can work continuously for more than 16h, on the basis of lighting function, also added frequency flash function, can be used for remote signal indication.


The outer surface is anodized, and the shape is light and beautiful. It can be carried by hand or shoulder. The light touch switch is easy to operate.


Imported high hardness alloy shell can withstand strong impact and impact, sealing performance is good, can work normally in 100 meters underwater.


Humanized power detection: power display, low voltage warning function design, can detect the remaining power of the battery at any time, the charger USES special charge management chip control, high reliability, fast charging, overcharge protection, short circuit protection, trickle charging, status indication.




Method of use


1. Before use, insert the plug of the special charger into the charging hole at the end of the headlamp for charging. The indicator light is red when charging and green when fully charged.


2. When in use, gently press the switch to start the strong light, press the second time to enter the working light, and press the third time to close. If the strong and weak light is pressed and held for 3 seconds, it will enter the frequency flash, and so on.


3. The operation mode of the power detection function is as follows: turn off the gear and hold the switch for 3 seconds to automatically enter the power detection; 5 times of low-light flashing means 80% power; 4 times of flashing means 60% power; 3 times of flashing means 40% power; 2 times of flashing means below 20% power; 1 time of flashing means below 10% power to be used after charging.






1. The lamp must be charged and removed in a safe place.


2, after each use should be timely charging, in order to be ready for the next use at any time.






1. The switch must be turned off when charging. A slight temperature rise of the shell is normal.


2. Do not disassemble structural parts of lamps and lanterns, especially the sealing structural parts.


3. The maintenance of lamps and lanterns must be carried out by professionals in a safe place


4. After use in corrosive environment or seawater, wipe the surface and keep the surface of the shell and transparent parts clean to ensure good luminosity.