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RG5281 portable multi-function strong light lamp

Time:2019/5/7 10:57:23 View: 618

Scope of application


Railway, electric, public security, oil field, metallurgy, petrochemical, enterprise night field work, cargo yard loading and unloading, patrol maintenance, accident repair and working site of class ii inflammable and explosive places to provide mobile lighting.




The performance characteristics of


Lightweight and beautiful structure, simple and convenient operation, can be used for portable, table placement, magnetic adsorption, hanging lighting and other ways; Lamp holder can adjust irradiation Angle within 120 degrees at will. Light touch switch, easy to operate and durable.


Three 3W high-power positive white LED light sources are used in series, featuring high luminous efficiency, minimal energy consumption, life of up to 100,000 hours, energy saving and environmental protection; Excellent circuit design, working light and strong light arbitrary conversion, strong light continuous lighting 8 hours, working light continuous lighting up to 16 hours. Reflective cup adopts high-tech surface treatment technology, high reflective efficiency, uniform spot light color, on the basis of lighting function also increased frequency flash function, can be used for remote signal indication.


Special lithium battery pack, green, large capacity, long life, light weight. Precision structure, special bulletproof adhesive material, can ensure the product to withstand strong collision and impact; Good tightness, can work reliably in all kinds of harsh environment.


The charger adopts special charging management chip control, high reliability, fast charging, over charging protection, short circuit protection, trickle charging, status indication.




Method of use


1. Before use, insert the plug of the special charger into the side charging hole of the headlamp for charging. The indicator light is red when charging and green when fully charged.


2. When in use, gently press the switch to start the strong light, press the second time to enter the working light, and press the third time to close. If the strong and weak light is pressed for 1 second, the frequency flash will enter.


3. The operation mode of the power detection function is as follows: turn off the gear and hold the switch for 3 seconds to automatically enter the power detection; 5 times of low-light flashing means 80% power; 4 times of flashing means 60% power; 3 times of flashing means 40% power; 2 times of flashing means below 20% power; 1 time of flashing means below 10% power to be used after charging.






1. The lamp must be charged and removed in a safe place.


2, after each use should be timely charging, in order to be ready for the next use at any time.




Matters needing attention


1. The switch must be turned off when charging. A slight temperature rise of the shell is normal.


2. Do not disassemble structural parts of lamps and lanterns, especially the sealing structural parts.


3. The maintenance of lamps and lanterns must be carried out by professionals in a safe place


4. After use in corrosive environment or seawater, wipe the surface and keep the surface of the shell and transparent parts clean to ensure good luminosity.